Hi I'm Jeff

I love music

and dance

Hey I'm Jeff and I play bass as well as guitar! I love music more than anything, except maybe dance. I'm currently going to LAGTY high with my twin brother Ryder. It's pretty fun, minus the drama. Oh and I love hot cocoa and candy!
themainmanryder sent: PM: Alright. I love you. Talk to you later.

PM: Yeah, okay.

themainmanryder sent: PM: Are you mad at me?

PM: Not at all!

themainmanryder sent: PM: I've been in the library for the past 3 hours, silly.

PM: Oh…

themainmanryder sent: PM: I miss you.

PM: I see you right now.


I’m pretty good, actually. Eating some leftover pizza from lunch and just lazing around. How’re you?

I’m alright… pacing on the roof with my guitar…

So. Many. Books.


this used bookstore downtown. Holy shit, like floor to cieling piles of books. It’s hard to walk around, but hey, it’s an awesome place to be.

I’ll have to check it out!

So. Many. Books.


i’m in fucking heaven


I love books! Where are you that has so many?


Don’t worry about them, Jeffie. They don’t know about anything we’ve done. They’re just trying to get under our skin.

O-Okay… How are you Cammie?

nerdydarius replied to your post: brotherfuc
PM: Don’t let the anons upset you, okay Jeff?

PM: B-but I-I didn’t… R-Ry and I n-never… W-we don’t do that.

Anonymous sent: brotherfucker